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Customer-Centric B2B Online Marketing Agency. Serving Düsseldorf Since 2009!

Welcome to Growth Pilots!

We develop comprehensive online marketing solutions for B2B companies. With a keen understanding of your target audience and tailored strategies, we lead your business to success. Enhance your visibility, generate more qualified leads, and maximize your revenue. Let's take off together - contact us today!

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B2B buyers search online for
products and services


B2B decision-makers use social media for information gathering


 more Leads per month with effective content marketing

Targeted B2B Marketing Strategies Tailored to Your Audience


Search Engine Marketing (SEA)

 Your potential customers are searching online for solutions. With advertising on Google or Bing (SEA), your target audience is directly engaged and captured. We optimize your existing SEA campaigns or set up your account from scratch. 
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our experts create a comprehensive SEO strategies (OnPage, OffPage, technical optimization) to ensure your website ranks as high as possible in the Google search results. This leads to increased visitor numbers. 
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B2B-Lead generation

We develop targeted B2B strategies to help you build successful customer relationships. Utilizing marketing automations and audience-specific approaches, we generate more leads and foster recurring customers.

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Content Marketing

High-quality content should resonate with the motives and needs of your target audience, providing them with added value while performing well on Google. We take care of content strategy, planning, and development.
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Marketing Strategy

Your marketing efforts should align with your target audience and their needs. We analyse the current situation and define clear objectives as the basis of our work. We then develop targeted strategies along your customer journey.
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Social Media Marketing 

We create targeted social media campaigns to maximize your visibility and generate qualified leads. Through precise audience targeting and compelling ads, we harness the full potential of your channels and help you create your brand. 
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Free quick check before getting started

We identify areas of improvement for your website and lead generation efforts.


Achieving success through innovative solutions

In close collaboration with your dedicated point of contact, we implement your individual growth strategy


Sustainable growth for your company

With flexibility, dynamism, and our expertise, we help you achieve long-term growth


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We Ensure Your Digital Success. Any Questions?

Growth Pilots has been in existence since 2009 and has since then gathered extensive experience across various industries. Our clients include mid-sized companies in the industrial sector, B2B companies in the food industry, firms in the construction sector, and many more. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we have built a broad knowledge base in various industries, enabling us to develop tailored and effective marketing strategies for our clients. If you're wondering whether we have experience in your industry, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We are available to discuss your specific needs.

We offer a wide range of B2B marketing services, including SEO, Google Ads, and performance marketing in general, content marketing, social media management, and email marketing. Our goal is to find tailored solutions that meet your business needs.

The costs of our services vary depending on the scope and requirements of the project. Please feel free to contact us to receive a customized quote tailored to your needs.

Our B2B agency places a strong emphasis on individualized strategies and data-driven results. Each of our clients has a dedicated point of contact, ensuring close collaboration. Our customized solutions are specifically tailored to the unique needs of B2B companies and products or services with long sales cycles.

When selecting a B2B marketing agency, you should consider several factors. A specialized agency should exclusively serve B2B clients, ensuring they have up-to-date industry knowledge. Marketing strategies for B2C companies differ significantly from those for B2B, especially in terms of content and marketing channels. Agencies exclusively operating in the B2B space possess a deep understanding of lead generation, B2B KPIs, complex products or services, and buyer personas, allowing them to create targeted and efficient solutions for their clients. Additionally, pay attention to clear communication with your contacts, measurable results, a fair price-performance ratio, and positive references when choosing a B2B marketing agency.