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B2B Online Marketing Strategies

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With over 15 years of expertise, the growth pilots are passionate about online campaigns and igniting growth! Our passion is reflected in our daily work.

B2B Online Campaign Process Overview

  1. Content audit & SEO analysis of the website
  2. CRM + analytics tools implementation 
  3. Determination of buyer persona & customer journey (workshop format with the result: strategy plan & campaign roadmap - proof of concept, unique selling proposition, story, channels)
  4. Derivation of content strategy & format, e.g., landing page for leads, video or blog
  5. Research of the most important keywords related to the topic (SEO)
  6. Development of topic expert / lead magnet such as whitepaper or video
  7. Publication of the content via website, ads, or social media.
  8. Reporting & monitoring - KPI dashboard
  9. Continuous improvement or ongoing development
  10. Process optimization & stakeholder management




  •  Business Value & Impact
  •  User-Centering
  •  Performance & Scaling

„The user comes first, everything else follows naturally.“


What does this mean for your B2B online marketing strategy? In essence, it's quite simple: Website operators should align their content with the "user expectations of the target audience" they want to address. Ultimately, what matters is the conversion rate.

Keyword Analysis

Within B2B online marketing, it is not very meaningful to consider channels like SEO, SEA, email marketing, or social media in isolation.

Each layer should support the others along the customer journey to generate maximum power.

Requirement: a clear strategy and a customer-solution-focused keyword analysis that can be used to explore new territories:

Niche markets with little competition and long-tail keywords for quick results.

Segmentation based on Lymbic Types (neuro marketing) and an appropriate adjustment of the communication style.

B2B Online Marketing

According to the B2B Google study "B2B Buyers Landscape," 90% of the buying process occurs before the potential B2B customer interacts with the company.

60% of the decision makers in B2B consider only 1 or 2 providers!

B2B online marketing aims to reach other businesses. Ask the W-questions: Where? What? Who? When? How?

What does this mean for the alignment of website content in relation to the customer journey? Providing relevant information for the right users, at the right time, with the right message, and a clear call to action!

Search Engine Advertising


Google Ads can especially lead to a significant increase in traffic in the short term.

Especially in niches, the costs are significantly lower than in the B2C sector.

Getting a quote is always worthwhile.

As a 360° service agency, we would be poor pilots if we didn't look beyond the horizon and explore additional opportunities.

Therefore, our consulting approach considers the big picture - including all relevant channels.

Simultaneously conducted website optimizations can help reduce click costs and increase the conversion rate.

Begin your digital mission! What can we do for you

The successful B2B Online Marketing Strategy

At the start of a successful online marketing strategy lies a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, alongside setting goals. If your company has not yet defined buyer personas, we are happy to develop them together with you in a workshop. Based on this, we will then plan suitable measures that will lead buyer personas along the customer journey.

The growth pilots navigate your company safely and precisely throughout the entire mission. With highly functional and complex solutions centered around the core elements of strategy, website, and search engine marketing.



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