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B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation and Lead Management

Efficient Customer Acquisition Through Lead Generation

  • Establishing Thought Leadership
  • Utilizing CRM & Marketing Automation
  • Targeted content offerings along the customer journey

Leads are referred to as contactable prospects (such as MQLs = Marketing Qualified Leads). These individuals often do not have immediate buying intent but are interested in the offered services thematically. The goal of lead generation is to nurture these prospects through tailored communication efforts until they can be handed over to sales (SQLs = Sales Qualified Leads).

B2B Lead Generation Along The Customer Journey

B2B customers research online long before making a purchase, especially for high-value investments, which involve a more extended decision-making process requiring detailed explanations of offerings. In contrast to outbound marketing, which relies on traditional methods such as trade shows, banner advertising, or cold calling, inbound marketing aims to attract potential customers to you.

For scalable lead generation it is crucial to adequately address the varying information needs along the customer journey.


„Those who don't solve problems shouldn't be surprised that no one is interested in their offer.“

Peter Sawtschenko

Marketing Automation

With the help of CRM management and marketing automation software, processes are automated and significantly simplified.

As a HubSpot partner agency, we take on tasks in ongoing projects and assist you in implementing HubSpot in your company. We are also more than happy to onboard and train your employees.

Buyer Persona

For successful lead generation, precise knowledge of the desired customers is essential. In practice, the buyer persona approach has proven effective with our clients

The use of buyer personas helps your company not only generate the right leads but also successfully transform them into customers along the customer journey.

Lead Magnets

To successfully convert a prospect into a lead, you should gather as much information about them as possible.

In order for the potential customer to voluntarily provide you with data, genuine added value must be offered to them.

Proven means include lead magnets, such as PDF downloads, videos, or other free offerings in exchange for contact information.

People search the internet for solutions to their problems

Gravity. Or how one exerts almost magical attraction

With solution-oriented content, you can attract attention. We'll show you how.

Offer your customers valuable information and thus motivate them to take concrete actions on your website or social media channel.

We assist you in choosing the right format, content creation, and distribution of your lead magnets.



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